I am offering virtual and telephone coaching and more…

Let’s keep going and try new things – A silver lining in this awful, fearful and heart-rendering time we find ourselves in across the globe, especially in Europe.

I can meet you virtually and we can have a valuable and engaging coaching partnership using the technology that is available to us all free such as Zoom, Skype, Facetime, Whatsapp….

I often conduct coaching sessions by telephone only – the conversations tend to be very focused and results truly excellent. While I always prefer face-to-face experiences, the telephone compensates with attention and rather brilliant note-taking for summarising afterwards.

Doesn’t matter the day nor the hour only that it suits us both.  I can work with you in the evening if that suits you best or in the morning during the weekend, be it a Sunday or Saturday, that’s okay too.

Call or email me to discuss your options and we can find a solution that works.

Stay safe and stay healthy.

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Anne Marie


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