By understanding and clarifying the behavioural change you want to achieve, I can help you get to where you want to be, through; assessment, coaching, training and learning support. 

If you think you need to initiate behavioural change either in yourself or in a group, then I can help facilitate that change at a personal level. Take the next step:

“To be kind is more important than to be right. Many times what people need is not a brilliant mind that speaks but a special heart that listens”

F. Scott Fitzgerald

Meet Anne Marie

As a Coach and Trainer, my purpose is to help you achieve positive behavioural change in your whole life, whether as an individual or a team.

With a ‘heart that listens’ I bring more than three decades of knowledge, experience and learning from education, science, business and life coupled with a deeply-held belief in the potential of all people to become who they want to be for a complete fulfilled life not just professionally but in all life’s messy, wonderous human aspects.

Together we will go on a journey of discovery to understand your behavioural change needs, then, once clarified, you will uncover what may be holding you or your team back so you can move forward to live your best life professionally and in your whole world.

BA H.Dip.Ed MSc EMCC accredited

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How I can help

Our partnership in coaching and training is tailored to you or your team’s behavioural change needs; to find out more about what other clients have found helpful click on the buttons below:

What clients say about their experience

“I thought I knew myself better than anyone – until I met Anne Marie! We worked on understanding what I enjoyed, disliked, feared and cherished and then looked at how to make my wish list a reality both in my professional and personal life. Anne Marie helped me to re-calibrate the important aspects of my value system and make the necessary changes in order to become the best version of me I can be right now. A skeptic of coaching for years, I am 100% converted and a massive advocate now thanks to the fantastic experience I had. Anne Marie – you are and always will be a legend – thanks for everything!”

Matthew-Jestin Clark
Global Director Channel & Sales Operations at SolarWinds

BA H.Dip.Ed MSc EMCC accredited

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Why partner with me?

More than three decades of experience

As a highly experienced, qualified, accredited Coach and Trainer in
Behavioural Change, I am working for more than three decades with individuals and organisations in both the private and public sectors in Ireland. My life journey has taken me from the classroom to the board-room, from employment to self-employment and back again (a few times). Along the way I have met the most amazing people who have given to me as much as I gave to them in so many vital and life-changing ways and for whom I am very grateful..

Variety of clients

There is no one kind of person, team or organisation with whom I work. My clients are as varied as life itself: from students to senior directors to retirees, with many nationalities and backgrounds, sectors and interests.

Benefit of continuous learning

A huge interest in continuous learning fueled by curiosity, ensures all the people I work with get the benefit of up-to-date knowledge, research and best practice in behavioural change coaching and training.

Learning Support

I love writing, be it a Blog Post or an Article for a magazine; a Learning Workbook or Exercise Handout; a Workshop Presentation or Participant/Facilitator’s Guide. With a focus on supporting behavioural change, my writing aims to bring you best practice incorporating latest ideas, scientific findings and approaches while aiming to be clear, focused and practical. Learn a little of my approach and philosophy through my Blog posts: