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Here's what Anne Marie's clients have to say

“My CV was a shambles – too long, badly structured, and I desperately wanted someone to rewrite it. Then I had the great fortune to discover Anne Marie. She didn’t rewrite it for me, instead she guided me through the process and helped me look at myself and my working life differently. I had one zoom session, which combined cv structure and interview coaching, followed by invaluable emails that were both enlightening and supportive. The result – I’m now almost 3 months into my new role and would highly recommend Anne Marie. Her input was definitely a game changer for me.”
Olwyn Mullally Accounts Administrator, Mainline Group

“Anne Marie designed and delivered two highly engaging team building workshops for me and my team at Novartis. The experience was insightful, challenging, practical and also fun. In addition, I had the benefit of undertaking an Executive coaching programme with Anne Marie using EQI.20 Emotional Intelligence tool. Anne Marie works in an holistic way incorporating the whole person – at work and outside work which was illuminating. Anne Marie is insightful, a great listener, asked tough questions as needed and provided the right level of push to support me as I worked through new ideas and solutions. Anne Marie provided me with a wealth of practical learning materials which I can refer to as required. I am delighted to recommend Anne Marie in professional and corporate coaching, EI, insights training, facilitation in organisational change.”
Sandra Walsh Payroll Services Manager, Novartis Business Services

“I had the absolute pleasure of receiving coaching and guidance from Anne Marie. Anne Marie’s approach to the meetings was to provide an environment where anything could be discussed. This allowed some deep reflection and helped me identify the areas that I needed to focus on. This insight helped me align my career and helped me progress. I would highly recommend Anne Marie for coaching.”
Darren Burnett Director Technical Support, CCOe GSS, VMWare

“Anne Marie conducted a leadership programme when I was on the leadership team at FCOS Chartered Accountants.  I was really impressed with Anne Marie’s approach and I got great clarity on role within the orgnaisationfrom going through the process with her. The programme was well-designed and thought provoking.”
Eimear Kelly Financial Controller, Life Science Consultants and FCOS Chartered Accountants

“Anne Marie redesigned our global program on building one’s level of emotional intelligence using a blended learning approach that covers all elements of EI. It was a pleasure collaborating with her along the way and learn from her expertise in this area. The program has been a success and I should add that she pulled out the stops in order to get us the final product on our tight deadline. Many thanks.”
Trevor Lynch Global Lead, Novartis Learning

“I thought I knew myself better than anyone – until I met Anne Marie!!! We worked on understanding what I enjoyed, disliked, feared and cherished and then looked at how to make my wish list a reality both in my professional and personal life. Anne Marie helped me to re-calibrate the important aspects of my value system and make the necessary changes in order to become the best version of me I can be right now. A skeptic of coaching for years, I am 100% converted and a massive advocate now thanks to the fantastic experience I had. Anne Marie – you are and always will be a legend – thanks for everything!”
Matthew Clark Global Director, Channel Sales Operations, SolarWinds

“Anne Marie supported me when I was at a cross roads following redundancy after 14 years of service to one company. She worked with me to identify my key strengths and rebuild some of the confidence I had lost in my own abilities. Anne Marie was careful that any considerations suggested in terms of developing my next career were taken into context with my life circumstances. Anne Marie was further instrumental in reviewing my résumé to ensure I presented my skills and interests in the best possible manner. Her method of coaching is personal and direct but thankfully devoid of any spin. She takes the time to understand her client’s requirements and life ambitions before responding with pertinent outcomes. I would highly recommend Anne Marie as a Coach and Trainer in these important areas for life and work. It was a pleasure to work with Anne Marie and I retain her contact details because life is full of change and is an on-going project.”
Johnerick Leach Senior Project Manager, Stryker

“It has been my good fortune to work with Anne Marie for over twenty years. During this time, she has completed assignments including individual coaching; industrial relations guidance; executive salaries research & recommendations. She has a broad range of skills in HR, Training and Coaching. Anne Marie works hard and delivers results. I am always happy to recommend her to friends when they need someone to do ‘heavy lifting’ involving people issues.”
Joe O’Keeffe Mentor and Advisor

“Anne Marie supported me at a critical time in my life when I was undecided as to which direction my life and career should take. She helped me identify the criteria for success that would support me in making my next career move to compliment my life circumstances. I have to say that Anne Marie’s coaching style, her experience in career and life coaching as well as her business understanding, supported me in making these critical decisions and I am very happy with the outcomes. Through the coaching process I came away with a life plan that will serve me well now and into the future; that, together with skill development and practice in CV review, LinkedIn profiling, interview techniques and USP practice, were invaluable to me. I would highly recommend Anne Marie as a Coach and Trainer in these important areas for life and work – she was a pleasure to work with and I thoroughly enjoyed our sessions together.”
Cria Morrissey Technical Support Manager, VMWare Software

“I worked with Anne Marie for a number of years at Sysgen/Northstar Computers (During that time I was very impressed by Anne Marie’s capabilities as a HR Leader, especially when it came to training and development. She was always adept at coping with change, at developing the most appropriate plans to support the business and had fantastic interpersonal skills. In the intervening years, I have engaged with Anne Marie as a consultant for a number of HR Training and Development/Coaching assignments. She is extremely capable, articulate and pragmatic. She has a logical, informed and practical approach to problem solving and would be a great asset to any business who needs an experienced HR, Training or Coaching professional. I have no hesitation in recommending Anne Marie!”
Rosemary McSweeney North South Europe OM Team Manager at Apple