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‘Be the Ball’ and stay focused

Be the ball’, advised Tracy Austin American tennis star and commentator on Wimbledon this month. Tracy was quoting her former coach and mentor, Billie Jean King (no need for a bio tag for this famous lady). It really got me thinking: ‘be the ball’ not ‘keep your eye on the ball’,

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I am not languishing, I am busy while dormant..

In Winter,“the tree looks dead, but we know it is beginning a very deep creative process, out of which will come Spring and Summer” (Corita Kent) Normally I would write my own post, but I have to say I cannot write a thing that is more spot on than what

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My Accreditation Experience….

I put off submitting my many years of coaching with individuals, executives and teams, for Accreditation. I told myself I didn’t need the Accreditation: clients were not asking for it, I had no problem getting new clients and keeping existing ones. Yet, at the back of my head, a niggle

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I am offering virtual and telephone coaching and more…

Let’s keep going and try new things – A silver lining in this awful, fearful and heart-rendering time we find ourselves in across the globe, especially in Europe. I can meet you virtually and we can have a valuable and engaging coaching partnership using the technology that is available to

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Put on your CAPE and fly to change

To become the person or the team you want to be, one way forward is to use the     Wheel of Change (Marshall Goldsmith, US Executive Coach and Author). This is so simple I am surprised at how easy it is to use for my clients in coaching and for

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Stop Procrastinating and take Action

The Art of Taking Action: lessons from Japanese Psychology This is a highly accessible book to help everyone get from procrastination to action.  Our thoughts, ideas and intentions are really not much good without action – in fact, we may as well not have them at all!  If you want

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