Client Experience

Needs Identification

Should you choose to work with me we will invest time identifying your needs, clarifying your expectations and agreeing on the outcomes you expect from our partnership. The specific behavioural change you want to achieve for yourself or your team, will lie at the heart of the agreement between us. Needs identification can take different forms from self-relflection to 360 degree interviews, to assessments, to customer surveys. At the heart of the needs analysis whether personal or professional, is a set of appreciative questions to help you think through what specific outcomes you want to achieve from our time together.

Getting to Know You

The first step in us working together will be time focused on ‘getting to know’ you, your team or organisation. This helps me as your Coach or Trainer, understand the context for your behavioural change and gives me a real-time understanding of the challenges you may be dealing with in achieving the kinds of outcomes you have identified. In ‘getting to know’ you, I try very hard to get to as deep a personal level as possible. Whether we are working one-on-one or in a group, I always try to get to know each person as an individual and tailor the experience personally.

In the words of one of my wonderful clients:

“You make a great effort to get to know your clients and demonstrate a genuine interest in their progress and well being.”
Tracey Graham Regional Technical Escalation Manager, VMWare

Contracting for Agreement

Every client will fully understand the agreement contract between us, whether that is one-on-one or involving a number of people or team. Coaching Clients (and their Sponsors where applicable) sign an Agreement which includes the specific wording on the behavioural change outcomes, what they can expect from the experience, the Terms and Conditions as well as guarantees on confidentiality and data protection.

“To be kind is more important than to be right. Many times what people need is not a brilliant mind that speaks but a special heart that listens”

F. Scott Fitzgerald

“Anne Marie supported me when I was at a cross roads following redundancy after 14 years of service to one company. She worked with me to identify my key strengths and rebuild some of the confidence I had lost in my own abilities. Anne Marie was careful that any considerations suggested in terms of developing my next career were taken into context with my life circumstances. Anne Marie was further instrumental in reviewing my résumé to ensure I presented my skills and interests in the best possible manner. Her method of coaching is personal and direct but thankfully devoid of any spin. She takes the time to understand her client’s requirements and life ambitions before responding with pertinent outcomes. I would highly recommend Anne Marie as a Coach and Trainer in these important areas for life and work. It was a pleasure to work with Anne Marie and I retain her contact details because life is full of change and is an on-going project.”
Johnerick Leach Senior Project Manager, Stryker

Life, Career and Executive Coaching

– Preparation for Coaching to help gather history, identify needs and address concerns.
– Coaching Agreement outlining terms and conditions, guarantees and expectations
– Initial Session to ‘get to know you’ and agree on the behavioural change outcomes conducted one-on-one normally virtually for 1.5 hours
– Coaching Session/s conducted one-on-one normally virtually for 1 – 1.5 hours
– In between Sessions contact to follow-up, check-in and offer additional support as well as preparation prior to each Session
– Post-Coaching offer of support which can be as long as is required to help ensure long-lasting impact

“I have already recommended Anne Marie to business and personal contacts and I intend to use her coaching skills again as I undertake new challenges as I have witnessed and experienced the huge benefits both in time saving/work efficiency/personal growth/goal achievement in such coaching. I would be delighted to give personal testimony now or at any time in the future in recommending Anne Marie. I am without any doubt that she is going to continue to bring dynamic change, optimism and business and personal success to any organisations/individuals fortunate enough to work with her.”
Kay Flynn VP Global Business Solutions, Eli Lilly

Emotional Intelligence (EI ) Assessment Psychometrics

– Preparation to help gather history, identify needs and address concerns, as well as introduction to Emotional Intelligence
– Agreement outlining Terms and Conditions, guarantees and expectations
– Initial Session to ‘get to know you’ and context for EI, conducted one-on-one normally virtually for 1.5 hours
– EI Assessment conducted on-line using internationally validated psychometric Report/s at individual, leadership, and 360 Degree levels
– De-briefing Session on the results of the Assessment and agree on an area of focus for EI development
– Post-De-Briefing support with practical learning guidance specifically tailored to the EI Assessment results and area/s of focus

The results of the ECR 360 Emotional Intelligence Report focused in on one specific area that had developed without I realizing it and through a new understanding of the solution, it helped me become more aware of the steps I needed to take and make more of a conscious effort to maintain it going forward’  An Garda Síochána (Irish Police Force) Leadership Executive Coaching Client


Training Workshops in Behavioural Change

– Preparation to help gather history, identify needs, address concerns and practical learning impacts
– Agreement outlining Terms and Conditions, guarantees and expectations
– Design and Development to tailor-design the workshop experience specifically to the agreed needs
– Assessment normally conducted on-line as pre-work with each participant to help identify their individual needs and may include assessments specific to the workshop theme
– Delivery conducted in-classroom or virtually with an emphasis on high individual and group interaction, practical application, reflection and action planning
– Post-Workshop support to help ensure action plan implementation and review

Sample 2.5 hour Workshops delivered 2022/2023

Influence and Persuasion

Time and Energy Management

Emotional Intelligence:
What, Why and How

Strengths, Values and Branding

Coaching Skills 

Motivation and Engagement

Psychological Safety and High Performing Teams

Performance Management

Interpersonal Communication

‘I just wanted to let you know that I found your module on ‘Leadership and Management’ really interesting.  Your style and delivery was fantastic and helped keep me engaged throughout. So much interesting content, which I am still reflecting on.    Your balance of slides and breakout sessions were really good as I think the key to learning is the breakout sessions and coming back to discuss as a wider group. You also have a lovely manner which makes it easier for the people who don’t like speaking up  to bring their voice, so thank you for that’.  
Stephanie Ennis, HR Business Partner Pfizer