Emotional Intelligence is not for wusses


So many clients have questioned me when I suggested that emotional intelligence (EI) coaching and training will definitely impact positively on their professional competence and business results. They look at me questioning whether I really and truly realise the pressure they are under from stakeholders, customers, suppliers, agencies, and colleagues to over-deliver day after day with increasing demands to be flexible, problem solving creative thinkers. Therein lies the very answer: flexible, problem-solving, creative, stress tolerant – all part of the suite of emotional intelligence.

Most people think that emotional intelligence is for wusses, a soft approach, rather ‘woolly’, only for your human resources people but not for hard-nosed front-liners: nothing can be further from the truth (not that HR people cannot be ‘hard-nosed’ too, but that’s another discussion!). It can be very limiting for us to focus in on only a few aspects of emotional intelligence when our potential encompasses so much more supporting us as we face the challenges of daily life at home and at work. So… here are a few EI aspects that are definitely not for wusses:

  • Stress Tolerance
  • Problem Solving
  • Reality Testing
  • Impulse Control
  • Independence
  • Self-actualisation

As a qualified EQi.20 Accredited Practitioner in indiviudal, leadership and 360 degree reporting, I am offering training workshops, assessments and coaching in emotional intelligence, so please contact me to discuss how I can help you by making contact via email using the contact page or via crowleyannem@gmail.com or have a chat on: +353863630248 or via skype

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Recommended further reading from the home of EI Daniel Goleman: https://hbr.org/2017/02/emotional-intelligence-has-12-elements-which-do-you-need-to-work-on

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