Andrew McLoughlin, IMI

Anne Marie Crowley is part of the team of Course Specialists who deliver the Diploma in Organisational Behaviour which is a level 9 QQI/Masters at the IMI/Cork University Business School. This involves design, development, delivery, correcting of scripts and feedback submission to candidates for the module on ‘Engagement and Motivation’. In addition to the Diploma in Anne Marie is one of the IMI’s Course Specialists on the 6-day Essential Skills of Management course, which blends management and organisational theory with practice, for entry-middle level managers. Aspects of the Essential Skills of Management course are also delivered by Anne Marie to organisational clients, custom-tailored for their specific needs with a recent example being the Cork City Council Library Managers. Anne Marie also has a role at IMI/ Cork University Business School in executive coaching with Emotional Intelligence psychometrics (EQi and ECR) both on the Level 9 QQI/Masters Diploma in Leadership and on the ‘Women In Leadership’ programme. As a Coaching Assessor on the Diploma in Executive Coaching, also a Level 9 QQI/Masters, Anne Marie is responsible for assessing candidates in coaching, submitting marks based on observational evidence and giving candidate feedback via UCC’s Canvas e-learning platform. I have no reservation in recommending Anne Marie Crowley to deliver learning modules and coaching, at Level 8 QQI/Degree and above.

Andrew McLaughlin, Programme Leader and Senior Specialist Irish Management Institute/ University College Cork Business School